The audio for this clip is a multi-layered loop created with a Kazooka electric kazoo and a Boss Loop Station. This is an example of what you can do with modest equipment and a bit of time to kill.

Once the loop was done it was sped it up a little using the tap function on the RC-2 which gives it an interesting modulated effect.

I captured the audio on a G4 iMac with Audacity free recording software, using a Behringer UCA202 USB sound card.

The audio chain was: Kazooka Electric Kazoo / Boss RC-2 / Bellari MP105 "round sound" preamp / Behringer UCA202 USB sound card / iMac G4 / Audacity free recording software.

This track, entitled Your Cousins are Mean, is written and performed by the duo Kazuki and is from their 2006 debut LP, Ring the King. Kazuki effectively creates the sound of a trio with only two members by incorporating a Kazooka. The NASA Apollo slide show that accompanies this track is fitting; Kazuki pioneered in the use of electric kazoo in a band setting in much the same way that the Apollo missions pioneered the moon. Kazuki is Nathan Fox on bass and simultaneous electric kazoo and Cassius Goens III on drums.

This track was a first take, recorded live to tape. It's easy to forget you're only listening to 2 people. There are some nice dynamic builds in this song. The electric kazoo sound is fairly raw and unprocessed, showing that great electric kazoo playing comes from the gut.

This mini-documentary produced by Sony for the American Dreamer series is about kazoo legend Captain Kazoo. There are 3 Kazooka spottings in this video, one in a picture, one in video, and one in text. See if you notice them.

Captain Kazoo calls up some wonderful psychedelic tones in this video, playing the Kazooka over a sitar drone. The performance kicks in around 3:30.

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