Q: How do I attach the pickup?

A: Push and turn like a bottle cap.

Q: Can I get a different color than what's on the website?

A: New color combinations will appear and disappear from the site as they are built and sell out. I will try to keep more than one color to choose from. My Ebay and Etsy stores often have very limited edition and sometimes even one-off custom shop editions.

Q: I have an older model Kazooka, should I get the new model?

A: If you are happy with the results you get with your old Kazooka and use it in a studio or practice environment then by all means keep using it. If you are planning to use it for gigs then you should definitely consider the new model, especially if it's a big part of your act. The Kazooka Deluxe is the first and only truly "gig worthy" electric kazoo ever built.

A: Will you post my audio that uses a Kazooka on

A: Just email an MP3 or link to and tell me how you prefer to be credited and I will post it in the audio section of

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